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Individual Counselling

The counselling process commences with the client and psychologists.

Family counselling

In most cases clients come for treatment accompanied by their parents, siblings, spouse or close friends.

Group Counselling

A holistic bio-psychosocial spiritual and cultural approach is used to help the client deal with identified problems.

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About Our Company

You deserve to be happy

Saada is a company based in Nairobi Kenya that helps people who are going through depression & anxiety. Using technology, we are providing help by smartly matching patients to able and qualified counsellors and therapists.

Why We Are The Best?

We leverage on technology to provide smart therapy and counselling services to people going through depression & anxiety. On our platform, you do not have to worry about stigma anymore. You can be served anonymously without revealing your identity. Our counsellors can also be accessed 24/7 on text / voice / video calls.

Saada Customer Journey

Our Work Process

Your journey to happiness and mental health stability begins by opening up to one of our qualified counsellors. “I’m afraid they will see me differently :-(“. No, our counsellors do not need to know who you are. Our focus is on your mental development and wellness.



Download our smart app on and register


Our smart systems will match you to a qualified counsellor


Our counsellors will walk with you step by step to wellness


We will keep on checking on you to ensure that you are progressing well

Advice from qualified counsellors

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